norway has style
Oh my goodness. I had no idea there was so much style in Norway. What is going on? Internet is king for hooking us up globally. The world is smaller now? The world is bigger in a way because there is more, more, than I ever thought. You get one comment from Oslo and then an hour later, BAM you are swimming in Norwegian glamor. I mean, who is this Elin King? I'll tell you who she is. She is the style blogger who collaborates with H&M. How does that happen? She designs this dress that makes me CRAZY. You know I have a thing for paintings as outfits, so it is only natural that I love this piece.
Here are the squeegee paintings my co-conspirator and I made the day after discovering this dress. Squeegees are our friends, artists! Who knew? It took this dress and Eric Carle to make us understand this truth. Make some squeegee paintings for an hour and everything will be okay. Sigh.
I don't know what is else is going on in Norway, but thank you Linda-Mari for connecting me with this treasure box full of inspiration. Here is another cool blog I found through hers...
This one is from 5 inch and up. What is this person planning to do? She is such a superhero - or perhaps global warming personified? I ask a lot of questions, I know.