marc jacobs, teva, and brazil
The Brazil part is my friend Denise who was just summering in South America "not buying shoes". Oh, no, she said, not this time. She might not understand that we shoe mortals all benefit from her shoe shopping and wearing. Her shoes brighten our day... sometimes in technicolor, but always with style. They say to me, "Fun, fun! You can always have fun!" Here is Denise' clothes story:
"Okay, so I saw them and instantly thought 'old school glamor meets funk'. A bit of Carmen Miranda, a bit Copacabana showgirl." Yeah!

Alright, more clothes stories... I became obsessed with these boots because they represent a fairy tale life of style complete with a magical cottage in the woods. It helps that an identical pair are often worn by this stylish girl who lives in a fairy tale cottage in the "woods". For example, I recently called her: "Where are you?" "Oh, I just went down to play in the creek." I'm sure she looked amazing doing it. The
boots are Teva and they are waterproof. Perfect for playing down by the creek... or going to sip a cappuccino at Intelligentsia.

Lastly, my sweet friend (oh, I wish I could link "sweet friend" to her blog, but she does not have one - drat!) gave me these happy, sparkling gloves by Marc for Marc Jacobs. I had never been a fan of this designer, and I think my lukewarm attitude was based on those advertisements that feature photography by Juergen Teller. The photos are not my cup of tea, so I never really noticed the cloth
es. Then, I came across a documentary on this designer by French t.v. I do love seeing an artist in action. I like checking out their process from how and if they collaborate with others to where they find inspiration. Even seeing their moments of self doubt is so interesting to me. I guess it helps me learn about myself. My favorite moment is when he just starts pinning stuff to a pair of pants a model is wearing - in the moment of creation! He seemed like a cool person, and the clothes are stunning. Check it out.

Oh, and there are tiny elasticized holes in the tops of the thumbs and forefingers to allow one to use one's iPhone.
I know.


tattered and torn riches on the range

Christmas came early this year! My husband and I gave each other these creations from a genius collaboration between Pendleton and Levi's. I gave him "The Workshirt" and he gave me "The Cape". These photos pale in comparison to the ones on Levi's website. I am speechless when Native American rodeo riders are turned into hip models - my favorite kind of subversive art, as some of you know.
The poncho underneath was a gift from an Italian friend. She had it made for me by a woman in a marketplace in her picturesque town in Northern Italy. She said she didn't know why she had it made for me. I'll tell you why. Because I have special powers that bring beautiful articles of clothing to me from far off lands. If only I could use these powers to clean the ocean or help countries get along - something REALLY useful to the world. But, I digress. The gold poncho has mohair. Itchy, but works with enough coverage underneath.
My husband convinced me to get the crazy distressed Levi jeans (they were $16 and the same pair without holes were $60!), and now they kind of work as part of a costume, with some conceptual purpose. For example, I can pretend I am one of those peasants lost in the wide open space in The Hidden Fortress, all tattered and torn, who wake up and find themselves surrounded by riches... or free horses in their case. I love that part.
This is a long clothes story.
And then the cape. Oh, there is so much going on there. The cape deserves it's own book. Capes are everywhere this Fall. I coveted the denim Levi cape of way back in... OCTOBER. And then it was gone. Sometimes Levi's just makes and takes away. Bye, bye. Can't even find a photo on the internet. Seriously. I wanted it, and I rarely really pine for something since usually clothes just come to me after I dream about them, like I was saying... Italy, dirty ocean, etc. So then my husband discovered the Pendleton Levi cape on line. Brilliant. I can pretend I am a Native American 1960's star of my own New York City t.v. show. Oh, but now that I got a Pendleton catalog with his shirt, I am in love with the old styles they feature that are straight out of I Love Lucy goes to Connecticut. One thing leads to another, I tell you.
photo from Levi's website


God, I love uniforms

I was just on Rebecca's blog (one of my total favorites - she is just solid, I tell you) checking out her outfit post, when I remembered how I have always been so drawn to uniforms. I could do a whole blog about uniforms! But I am not. A few posts maybe. Oh, uniforms, why do I love you so? Mechanic suits, maid's attire, acupuncturist coats, military of all eras, and yes, Catholic school uniforms. And no, I did not go to Catholic school, although many thought I did when I was in college because of my whole look (no make up, straight, long evenly cut hair, always in sweats or... pleated skirts and button down white shirts). Above is the unbelievable uniform of the impossibly beautiful flight attendants of Air Tahiti Nui, my favorite airline. I mean they have fake Gaugins on the wall, they only fly to L.A., Paris, Tahiti, and Toyko (what more do I need, please?!), they serve sushi, and their flight attendants are all straight out Mutiny on the Bounty dressed in yes, Balenciaga - ONE OF MY FAVORITE DESIGN HOUSES EVER. Oh, and did I mention they change outfits twice in flight? Oh, I didn't I mention that?