i am the pirate captain of my golden fish ship

Well, basically I am a kid. I may appear to be a grown up sometimes, but I am a child dressing up in costumes. I just have to work on staying in character a little more. I am sure I have friends who would like to pretend with me. Totally inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. My kids just watched one, two, three on dvd so they could go see four. And Penelope is on the Vogue cover. Did that movie need more advertisements? No. It was always my favorite ride at Disneyland growing up 20 minutes from there, and I will always see any pirate movie (or spy movie, or car chase movie - I don't care how dumb it is).

Ah, but here are the stories. My father-in-law, who was a film editor, was working on a studio lot back in the early 80's when he brought my mother-in-law to a sale where they have clothes from different movies. This blouse was bought by my mother-in-law for one of her sisters, who has since past away, and so it came back to my mother-in-law. It was worn by Mitzi Gaynor in a movie back in the 50's. It has her name in it. Crazy. People ask me about the blouse which is really falling apart - thus, it really fits the pirate theme. I mention Mitzi, and they get all excited. Well, now I know who Mitzi is, and I am definitely a fan of pre-70's movies. Here I go with the decades again.
And the earrings! Oh, I suffered on Sunday when I could not buy every single piece of Mingle jewelry at my friend's fundraiser for CCFA. She has this open house/jewelry sale once a year and the actual Mingle designer is there. It is the only time I buy jewelry for myself. I had various friends who could not make it there with me that day, but who admire my Mingle, so I was sending them photos from my phone, and they were calling me to tell me what to get for them. It was really fun. Phone shopping with your friends!
Costume designer unknown blouse, Levi's jeans, Teva boots, Mingle copper (yes!) earrings, vintage necklace