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awesome winter hair


Winter hair.  Black and white can be so elegant.  I love white hair.  White as air.  White as wind.  White as the snow.  I think my outfit was inspired by the two art shows I saw on Sunday.  Yes, that can happen to you.  One day you are looking at someone's art, and the next day you're wearing it.

Top to Bottom:
Me, wearing vintage dress by Filene's, sparkly neck wrap thing from my friend's closet - no tag, anniversary earrings.

faultline and falsettos (shell-ed), oil and wax on canvas, 30" x 24", 2013 by Joseph Lee.  

Angel, linocut, edition of 50, 1992 by Elsa Flores.  Printed in collaboration with El Nopal Press.  El Nopal.  The coolest.  See this print at off ramp gallery in Altadena.  Go now through January 12, 2014.  2014!  It's pretty there.  It's really not that far away.  Nice old trees.

Style icon, Yasmina Rossi, queen of white hair.



The purpose of dressing is to elevate.  That's what I'm thinking today.  Taking off for a walk to the beach yesterday, I needed to make this day special.   Again, that pomp and circumstance.  I am capable of flying in this outfit. I kind of want a broom like Kiki's Delivery Service. I could do more than deliver some cakes, however, in this outfit. I might cruise over Milan in these boots, and sprinkle an art installation all over Florence' Uffizi Gallery that brings to light our connection to nature, our connection to each other. How's that for concluding Thanksgiving break?

Boots: Italian, Dress: Levi's, Sweater: Vintage, Purse: Vintage, Sunglasses: Tokyo Shop

photos by Evan Hartzell