school spirit

It feels very small town when your kids go to their dad's alma mater and you wear his letterman's jacket to the big game. It's kind of surreal in L.A. I WISH I had a photo of me wearing my dad's 1940's letterman's cardigan to my (and his) high school which I did back in 1985. I also am wishing for a photo of me wearing mine at that time also. I ordered my black and orange letterman's jacket when I was 15, right before my final growth spurt. Yeah, you guessed it. It doesn't fit me any more. I know you are wondering... I lettered in cross country, field hockey, and track. I'm still really proud, as you can tell.

In the 80's, the 50's were really big. Remember? Remember? Grease anyone? (I know it came out in 1978. I just want to mention at least six decades in this post, and the present decade counts.)

I tried to find some cool images of how other women are wearing letterman jackets in interesting ways, but I only found images of guys! Here is one post from street etiquette that is very nice. In this case, the man is wearing his dad's jacket he found in the attic from... the 80's!! How does that make me feel?!