pretty lace

This outfit almost makes me want to compose a poem... or a song... but here is the story, at least. I needed to put an outfit together to represent my family's Latino heritage. Along with one my boys we would share the story of making tamales on Christmas Eve in front of his whole school. Of course, the whole business became a deep and profound experience for me when I got dressed in the morning. "I will layer my Merida Mexicanness over my colonial intricacies, OVER my hippie California silk. Yes. And Hush Puppies. Yes, those represent my OC childhood, of course," I think. Okay, every morning does not involve an extensive inner monologue like this, but this was a special day. My son wanted a serape or at least a guayabera with all the attention I was putting into my ensemble, but all we could find was a faded Mexico FIFA tshirt from 2000. It was a cool contrast.
Marc for Marc Jacobs lace blouse, Glam Vintage Soul silk dress, Creaciones Mario vintage blouse from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, Bettina Duncan earrings, Hush Puppies shoes.
shoe stopping
Holly: Favorite fioritini and baker lace up boots!

Holly says, "I was early for the John Varvatos event to support Stuart House so I had time to stroll down Melrose. After too much coffee I needed to take a break so I hopped in Kitson (of all places- not a usual haunt for me) and spied these towering wedges. I had to have them, and of course a really cute pair of suede booties! I stopped at the car to drop them off and walked over to enjoy KD Lang!"
A "Poem" by Holly
Schuler and sons spring tassel wedges
Loved the color and found them
On sale at Anthropologie


outfit extravaganza

Starting from the top...
Mexican Art Deco: This is what I was wearing when I walked into the Balenciaga store in West Hollywood. Yes, I was designer shoe-less, Levi-wearing having animated conversation with Balenciaga shop girls. This probably only happened because I had just been across the street at MOCA looking at security-guarded Rodarte dresses in the dark from behind a white line. One of the shop girls wore a black pillbox hat with one long black feather cradling her face. Details like this is what really makes the experience. That, and the futuristic hidden headquarters of a store with built in runway screens, fantastic fabric that you can touch, and the feeling that it goes on forever (like a casino!). Mexican silver jewelry from our honeymoon in Mexico City, Marc Jacobs blouse from friend's closet clean out (FCC, I will call it from now on in this post), Levi's 501 jeans, 80's belt.

That Swiss Mexican Girl: One of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen was a girl I knew in college who was Swiss Mexican. I am confabulating when I think that she dressed like this. She would have looked so good in this outfit! Actually, this choice of outfit is about trying to reconcile Mexican me with the Orange County resort scene. Matty M sweater, my mom's Mexican dress, homemade silk belt with wooden buckle, Teva boots.

Librarian in Barcelona: I pretend that many of my outfits take place in Barcelona. Here, I am taking a moment to try to focus. "Where, oh where is the Gaudì section? I mean, I work here. I should know these things. Was it the fourth floor? Huh, I probably just need a Spanish latte to awaken my memory." Marc Jacobs FCC sweater, Levi's jeans, Poleci FCC blouse, Mingle earrings.


more favorites from fall/winter 2011...
Hèrmes, is that a blanket she is carrying? If so, this is the best camping outfit ever.
Let's go back-to-school with Bally, I say.

"Who disturbed me from writing my novel in my little Nordic cabin?...Who?" she repeated, squinting her eyes while the steam from her tea created a halo around her head. Design by Dennis Basso.