pretty lace

This outfit almost makes me want to compose a poem... or a song... but here is the story, at least. I needed to put an outfit together to represent my family's Latino heritage. Along with one my boys we would share the story of making tamales on Christmas Eve in front of his whole school. Of course, the whole business became a deep and profound experience for me when I got dressed in the morning. "I will layer my Merida Mexicanness over my colonial intricacies, OVER my hippie California silk. Yes. And Hush Puppies. Yes, those represent my OC childhood, of course," I think. Okay, every morning does not involve an extensive inner monologue like this, but this was a special day. My son wanted a serape or at least a guayabera with all the attention I was putting into my ensemble, but all we could find was a faded Mexico FIFA tshirt from 2000. It was a cool contrast.
Marc for Marc Jacobs lace blouse, Glam Vintage Soul silk dress, Creaciones Mario vintage blouse from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, Bettina Duncan earrings, Hush Puppies shoes.


  1. That is a nice lace top.


  2. Love the lacy, softness of the ensemble. Cool to share your family tradition with your school community. and the story with us who read your entries.

  3. Love your lace top! Really pretty!!!
    Nice blog:)
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