tattered and torn riches on the range

Christmas came early this year! My husband and I gave each other these creations from a genius collaboration between Pendleton and Levi's. I gave him "The Workshirt" and he gave me "The Cape". These photos pale in comparison to the ones on Levi's website. I am speechless when Native American rodeo riders are turned into hip models - my favorite kind of subversive art, as some of you know.
The poncho underneath was a gift from an Italian friend. She had it made for me by a woman in a marketplace in her picturesque town in Northern Italy. She said she didn't know why she had it made for me. I'll tell you why. Because I have special powers that bring beautiful articles of clothing to me from far off lands. If only I could use these powers to clean the ocean or help countries get along - something REALLY useful to the world. But, I digress. The gold poncho has mohair. Itchy, but works with enough coverage underneath.
My husband convinced me to get the crazy distressed Levi jeans (they were $16 and the same pair without holes were $60!), and now they kind of work as part of a costume, with some conceptual purpose. For example, I can pretend I am one of those peasants lost in the wide open space in The Hidden Fortress, all tattered and torn, who wake up and find themselves surrounded by riches... or free horses in their case. I love that part.
This is a long clothes story.
And then the cape. Oh, there is so much going on there. The cape deserves it's own book. Capes are everywhere this Fall. I coveted the denim Levi cape of way back in... OCTOBER. And then it was gone. Sometimes Levi's just makes and takes away. Bye, bye. Can't even find a photo on the internet. Seriously. I wanted it, and I rarely really pine for something since usually clothes just come to me after I dream about them, like I was saying... Italy, dirty ocean, etc. So then my husband discovered the Pendleton Levi cape on line. Brilliant. I can pretend I am a Native American 1960's star of my own New York City t.v. show. Oh, but now that I got a Pendleton catalog with his shirt, I am in love with the old styles they feature that are straight out of I Love Lucy goes to Connecticut. One thing leads to another, I tell you.
photo from Levi's website


  1. Your writing cheers me up. I love Kurosawa's samurai trilogy!

  2. I think that every time you magically draw an article of clothing to you, it displaces its weight in pollution from the face of the earth forever. Just a theory. But can you disprove it?

  3. No, I can't, Dweller!
    Oh, Pele, don't you love the princess' outfit, too?!

  4. I agree with Dweller! And, by the way, that poncho, especially in person, is a stunning masterpiece!!!

  5. Yes, I kind of like the eyebrows too. It makes her look like an insect somehow.

  6. your special powers can still draw that poncho to you, i wanted this sweater coat, but it was too pricey, i found it a year later, new for way, way less, so keep dreaming. xoxo

  7. super cool look! love your blog happy to have found you

    xoxo Haleigh in Paris aka your new fan :-)