marc jacobs, teva, and brazil
The Brazil part is my friend Denise who was just summering in South America "not buying shoes". Oh, no, she said, not this time. She might not understand that we shoe mortals all benefit from her shoe shopping and wearing. Her shoes brighten our day... sometimes in technicolor, but always with style. They say to me, "Fun, fun! You can always have fun!" Here is Denise' clothes story:
"Okay, so I saw them and instantly thought 'old school glamor meets funk'. A bit of Carmen Miranda, a bit Copacabana showgirl." Yeah!

Alright, more clothes stories... I became obsessed with these boots because they represent a fairy tale life of style complete with a magical cottage in the woods. It helps that an identical pair are often worn by this stylish girl who lives in a fairy tale cottage in the "woods". For example, I recently called her: "Where are you?" "Oh, I just went down to play in the creek." I'm sure she looked amazing doing it. The
boots are Teva and they are waterproof. Perfect for playing down by the creek... or going to sip a cappuccino at Intelligentsia.

Lastly, my sweet friend (oh, I wish I could link "sweet friend" to her blog, but she does not have one - drat!) gave me these happy, sparkling gloves by Marc for Marc Jacobs. I had never been a fan of this designer, and I think my lukewarm attitude was based on those advertisements that feature photography by Juergen Teller. The photos are not my cup of tea, so I never really noticed the cloth
es. Then, I came across a documentary on this designer by French t.v. I do love seeing an artist in action. I like checking out their process from how and if they collaborate with others to where they find inspiration. Even seeing their moments of self doubt is so interesting to me. I guess it helps me learn about myself. My favorite moment is when he just starts pinning stuff to a pair of pants a model is wearing - in the moment of creation! He seemed like a cool person, and the clothes are stunning. Check it out.

Oh, and there are tiny elasticized holes in the tops of the thumbs and forefingers to allow one to use one's iPhone.
I know.


  1. contented sigh....ahhh, to be mentioned in the same style-context as DENISE is really quite something. Marc Jacobs must be feeling quite flattered as well.

  2. How did I miss this?! The shoes? To die for! The boots- cool! The gloves rock, too! I've yet to go to Inteligencia, but it's on my list. My friend knows one of the barrista's there, and she says they are serious!

    Also, I happen to love M.J.-most of the time. I do agree that the ad campaigns are pretty hid (eous)...

  3. OMG, the first pair is sicko. Love them!

  4. love lve love the shoes in the first image! nice blog. x