the fancy painters

It started with Basquiat. The story of him painting in Armani, not caring about how messed up his clothes were getting was so inspiring to me from the moment I heard about it as a grad student at San Francisco Art Institute. It was rebellious. Sacrificial? Definitely cool. Of course, it sounds cool when you don't think about the background story.  His story is so complex.  His art is so profound.  

And then Giacometti. In Henri Cartier-Bresson's photo of him in the the 60's he looks just as stylish and exciting as in a portrait from the 30's. His clothes were part of it. Again, painting and sculpting in those beautiful suits in that same studio all of his life in that dark part of Paris.  Can't you just see it?

O'keefe was the minimalist desert beauty. Just look at that waist, that belt, the hair. She dressed like her paintings, so elegant, so emotional and peaceful at the same time.

And Frida. I resisted her for the longest time. When I first saw her work at 18, I was really disturbed by it. I went to her house at 24. I'll never forget it. And then I got it. Her indigenous blouses as she shopped in the outdoor markets, all those silver rings on her fingers as she painted, the flowers in her hair as she sat for portraits, it was all part of her art performance.

I think the marvelous clothes actually affect the art that is made. Just the way people say that music affects the cooking. Here is one of my studio outfits. I feel like a great dress with the right accessories really feeds into my paintings, makes me feel colorful all over, and the whole thing feels like a performance - especially since my studio is a gallery/storefront!

silk skirt by (actually, it is a dress) Rebecca Taylor
blouse by Karisma
silver and turquoise necklace, unknown craftsperson in Taxco, Mèxico 
silver earrings by Mingle (!)


  1. So very beautiful. Artist-as-Art. Less collectible, perhaps...but so vivid!

  2. I love your musings and writings! i have missed your posting! Love your dress and the photos of famous artists in dressy clothes working

  3. Thanks, you guys! This is so fun. I forgot how great it is to make something, and have your friends respond to it.

  4. Love it, and you! So nice see you on the ethernet... Check out my friend-of-friend's post today:

    I think you'll like it! xoxo-S!