rock-climbing in a skirt
Levi's blouse, homemade skirt, Teva boots (What's new?), Dorfman Pacific Company hat, vintage belt, Bettina Duncan earrings

This fall,I've run in a skirt with the middle school cross country team (while being pulled by a fluffy white dog), I've hiked in a skirt, walked long distances... and rock-climbed.  Yes, I am having fun.  I get to pretend I live in some other time, a character in historical fiction.  On this day I felt like gold rush girl or something.  And I was encouraged to climb higher than ever by the boy who is taking my photo.  I had to stop at one point.  "Jump across this steep crevice thing into this little tiny cave on the side of the mountain."  Uh, no.  I think I'll just get down now.  Beautiful day, though.


  1. Whoa. Time for a reboot of the Indiana Jones trilogy, I think, with a female heroine this time...and a series of DAS, adventurous archaeologist!

    I love especially the homemade skirt, the boots (of course), and most of all the photographer.

  2. You are sooo a Gold Rush girl. An Outback lady. A Southwestern pioneer. A western explorer.