I can't believe I'm saying this...

...but, so far my favorite Fall 2012 collection is Victoria Beckham.  Why?  Because I actually want to wear these clothes.  It's not about admiring craftmanship and art, like when I take in Rodarte.  It's about knowing I can do what I want to do in these clothes... but do it better because the feel is so inspiring.  It's inspiring to action.  The cuts are so feminine.  The details are sporty.  And the models are wearing BIKER BOOTS, not high heels.  Plus, the dresses are all elegance in the front and sassy in the back.  You've got the watch the video to see this.  So cool.  Please, can I have some?  I don't usually ask. Or by some miracle, help me figure out how to make something like this.  I mean, I can't even tell what kind of fabric is happening here.  I have never been so into zippers. 
Check out the well-placed, flattering stripes.

It's so predictable I would like this.  Just add an apron.

And here is the video so you can see the backs and the way they move. 


  1. i love the striped one! and would be SHOCKED if a manifester of your caliber doesn't have at least two of these by the end of the month. SHOCKED i tell you.

    1. I can see it! Two on hangers pushed on me. Me saying, "Really?! I love them! Oh yes, they are both my size! Perfect." I have this down with clothes. Now if only I could apply this skill to other areas...

    2. You need that red dress with the black stripes that's what you need. My sweetheart says to always wear shoes that will serve you in case you have to escape into the woods.

  2. it is pretty amazing. i can see you in these dresses. good eye!