My Mother's 60's Mexican Dress

I have had this dress for a very, very, very long time.  My mom got it in the 60's as a thirty-something single woman.  I always imagined her buying it in Mexico City, but I have no idea.  I'll tell you something, though.  When I took it from her in my early twenties... I had to let the hem out.  Yes, it was SHORTER.  A lot shorter.  Those crazy 60's.  I wore this dress to improve our luck in finding an apartment in San Francisco.  Two wearings and two trips up north later and it worked.  I added a belt from another dress here and those ubiquitous boots.  The earrings were hers, too.  I love my mom.  I feel her looking down on me, and laughing like she used to... "Ay, Laura.  Te vas a poner esto?" ("You're putting that on?") Shaking her head.  Mystified at some of my tastes, but always entertained.


  1. I love your Honore de Balzac quote. It's so true. I love costuming myself in the morning, the more colorfully the better, because it reminds me to be myself all day. You look ravishing, by the way...what else is new?