Miss Marple

Spring break'n it on Main Street with Lissa of Two Trees Herbal and the dashing Aristotle the Photographer...

Us ladies were fresh off a very amazing night at my studio, Paradiso Arts where we gave the workshop, Transformative Power of Beauty with the effervescent Briana Schuck. We were feeling all glowing and successful because we created an art studio/spa/feast for a special group of women. We got to reap the benefits of each other's teaching as well. It was down right transformative that is for sure!

Prior to this photo shoot, we had a hat fest at Fedora Primo in Santa Monica. I might have to go back for a huge, floppy brimmed wool black hat. Made me look mysterious. Artists must retain their mystery (ha!), I learned from a character on Miss Marple, that happening BBC murder mystery show set in the early 50's, I've been addicted to this spring break. God, they have a superb costume designer!!! Anyway, I digress. Lissa and I discovered at the hat shop that we are both attracted to hats that do not look good on us. On the other hand, when we try on hats that we are not attracted to, we end up looking incredible. Interesting. Aristotle was the only one to walk away with a handsome purchase... In this case, a Greek fisherman's hat. Perfection.

We pose in front of the shop, Paris 1900 which is NEVER OPEN. Art nouveau spectacular shop design. My outfit is a 2013 take on Miss Marple, while Lissa's is part forest.

Also, prior to this shoot we had just rolled down a grassy hill overlooking the ocean in skirts. It's okay because we decided we were 12 years old for the day.

Laura's tank is by American Apparel, cardigan by Loulou, shoes by Hush Puppies, belt is homemade, and healing stones necklace is by Nicole Hoegl.

Lissa's outfit is vintage, baby!

Aristotle's hat is by Dorfman Pacific Company.

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