spring, summer, to fall... what is your favorite season to dress for?



To Fall...
Spring, Summer, to Fall... What is your favorite season to dress for?  To dress for.  Just yesterday, my fashionista-Phd.-wielding-momma friend, Holly was explaining to me how it's not that she likes to dress fancy all the time, she likes to "dress for her day".  She says she likes the "pomp and circumstance" of it all.  Me too!  I thought about how I dress for my day, and I realized I dress for occasions that I imagine might happen or that I desire or that I am trying to evoke.  Here we go, from the top:  

Evoking:  I am going to a mother's day tea.  In Palm Desert, California.  In the 1960's.
Reality:  I was hosting an open studio of my art. 

Evoking:  I am an actress in a Greek Tragedy at the outdoor theater by the sea at the Getty Villa.
Reality:  I was picking up my sons from cross country practice.

Evoking:  I am drinking Turkish coffee in Prague at a vinyl listening party.
Reality:   I took a walk and took photos of cats on the street.
Nice outfit, cat.

Spring:  dress - vintage, necklace - vintage
Summer:  dress - Matty M, skirt under dress - Matty M, necklace - vintage, Mexican blouse - vintage
Fall:  dress - Mayle, belt - vintage, necklace - Tiffany's, headphones - Sony, boots - used, unknown, darn label worn off!

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