dreaming about sweaters
I admit, I dream about clothes. Last night it was me reporting to my "fashion captain" that indeed there was no better sweater than the one I was wearing. Yes, I dreamed up a sweater and now cannot find it anywhere on the internet. It was kind of like this one. Waah. And as I awoke, I was panicked to not think of where, where is the similar sweater that my late mother used to wear. It was 60's mohair! It was beautiful. I used to borrow it in high school. Oh, well. It was a really good dream, anyway. The school where I teach had transformed into a mall full of clothing boutiques. The stairs had even become escalators. In the process of looking for my dream sweater on line I found this shop that is really yummy: clever nettle.

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  1. more, more, mooooooore please! and if you don't, i'm going to do a freudian analysis of your sweater dream. swear to god.