"You just have to be French", I told her
The lady on the right had purple hair, I just have to tell you. That's why I took her photo on the streets of Paris two summers ago on my fortieth birthday. Paris is a good place to go for an American woman's fortieth birthday because obviously, French women are not obsessed with looking like teenagers. They feel hot and attractive at any age. They are experts!

So the other night, when an extraordinarily stunning mother of adult children felt obligated to comment on her "old lady arms", I said casually, "Oh, you just have to be French." "What?" she asked.

I have been thinking about the French thing for a long time since my last Paris trip so to me it was so obvious. I love assuming everyone knows the history of my thoughts. It's a bit confusing for people, though.

And by the way, those lovely and sassy French ladies all have a little belly. They have these gorgeous outfits, exquisite jewelry, enviable shoes, and a little belly from enjoying life (i.e. the best cheese, butter, and baguettes). And, they all look like they are in love with their partner who is their age. Lovely.


  1. I think I'm getting to be a French lady! But they are way more advanced in their inner fashion. I like how they ladies in the photo are so coordinated. Their short hair, their outfits, and the way their bags are slung. I wonder if they have known each other a long time, and what their fights are about.

  2. Totally. Maybe they are cousins.

  3. I love it! I want to go to gay Paris!!!