inventing clothes stories
"Is that the latest Louis Vuitton?" she asked
"No, it is not", I could have said.
Instead, I said, "Yeah" looking so happy with myself as I purchased lipstick in Hollywood.
I don't know what came over me. This article of clothing has it's own power over me. Maybe that is why I hardly ever wear it. "What, did it cost 10,000 dollars or something?" she asked. "Yeah!" my eyes widened, with a "I know, can you believe it?" attitude. The truth is I purchased it in San Francisco's China Town in January, 2008. My friend I was with got an almost identical one. It was sooo fun. The label says, "Lazun". The leggings are "Moda International" and the shoes are "Asgi".


  1. Haha! I do the exact same thing, lying about those kind oh stuff. great fun!

  2. :D Pure genius, Laura. I have a thing against LV, but this is HOT! I love the photo too. You're like a chic fairy-woman about to go out the gate and get on a motorcycle.
    Here's some dresses I was drooling over: http://laurenmoffattnyc.com/cart/home.php#/2

  3. Pele,
    You're so encouraging. Thank you. I adore Lauren's #9 and 12, but I totally see you in #13 or 21. What do you think?

  4. There is no huge happy grin so how did this photo happen? And also, lovely as you look here, it does not hold a candle to experiencing this outfit LIVE. It is a complete stunner.

  5. this really makes me laugh, i can see your expressions. priceless

  6. Oh, I've missed a lot since I was last here. I can't decide which ones. I want it all!