the paint has a mind of its own
I've been going around with watery paintings/dresses in my head. I see them floating on paper, floating down Abbot Kinney in the bright sunlight. This explains why I am not a great listener. How can I expect students to listen, let alone remember my instructions on how to make paper, when I am dreaming about watery dresses all the time.

Anyway, I owe so much to an artist named Ev, for showing me you've got to add water to the Chinese ink. Duh! It was like someone telling me, "You know, you have to drink water if you want to be able to do anything that flows, that's graceful. You know that, right?" I like watercolor because it's not just about me controlling the medium. The paint is like an unpredictable collaborator. Give my collaborator some water and she really lets loose like firecrackers.

Can you imagine if this dress were real? It is reminiscent of a saloon girl from the gold rush days, yet modern because it is shorter in the back made of hand-painted silk. Crazy color feathering out in unpredictable ways... oh, to wear a beautifully formed painting! Heaven.

Watercolors by me, photo from Victorian Closet


  1. I really hope that's one of the 10, because I want to wear it when I go horseback riding in the wilderness with herbal witches and monocle-wearing gentlemen. Also the best listeners are the ones with something going on in their heads because they filter what they hear differently and give the talker a new perspective. At least, that's what I tell myself.