favorites from fall/winter 2011

Hermes knows how to create great book characters. They support my desire to see any film or t.v. show about Robin Hood.
Photos by The Sartorialist.
The hat, the cape, the feathers, the leather, the boots, and the velvet... all she needs is a sword. Seriously, Dior? Pirate girls reading poetry in Prague? Yes.
Photo courtesy of style.com.
Look at the painterliness of Suno. Look at it. Again, I love, love painted clothing. Photo courtesy of style.com
IPad bracelets, anyone! I had to post this one. We love Apple.
IPad photo by Morgan O'Donovan for Dazed Digital from Pedro Lourenco's collection.

Next, I am feeling a little Russian Fairytale with Clements Ribeiro's number, while Carolina Herrera says rent a Hitchcock movie right now. Okay, I will.

Runway photos from style.com.


  1. How did I miss this post?! I've been checking regularly for updates! Love your picks!I love the Russian Fairytale, and I love Suno! Is it really for 2012? Can it be?...

  2. April Fools, Shelayna!!
    Didn't that like totally freak you out and everything?;)

  3. It did! But, I'm a fool everyday!

  4. I love the Russian fairytale.