new single... two outfits!

Boom Boom! from evan hartzell trio on Vimeo.

Ummm... I feel so decadent.  In addition to occasional fashion styling, painting, filmmaking, art teaching, event hosting, I sometimes get to write bilingual songs which I get to sing as a part of Evan Hartzell Trio.  It's so fun.  

Here's the fashion part... I get to imagine what I would wear performing these songs in some romantic location like a Santa Fe weathered-wood floored bar, or on Venice beach with my blue silk dress getting sandy and wet while I listen to the track on headphones.  For some reason, I love getting that dress dirty.  Preferably with once again romantic dirt like sand on the beach and charcoal in the studio... not cherry-flavored Slurrpy at a kid's movie outing like I got on it later that evening after shooting this video.  I don't care that my sentences don't make sense anymore.  Poetic license.  And I love dot, dot, dot... if you haven't noticed.  Everyone can dot, dot, dot if they haven't tried it.  It feels really good.  It stands for looking up at the trees while you wait for inspiration.

On the sidewalk:  Levi's/Pendleton collaboration poncho, Levi's top, X2 jacket, Lithe skirt, Tsubo sneakers.

On the beach:  Rebecca Taylor dress, Zinc jacket


  1. Love, love, love!!!! The images are lovely, the music rockin' and mysterious, and you just keep on getting more and more gorgeous! I gotta see you soon!!!

  2. Love design, amazing blog :) If you want to follow each other...just tell me:X