vintage clothing expo IS my disneyland

Santa Monica Vintage Clothing Expo.  If I wasn't doing yoga and meditation all the time I would have simultaneously hypervenilated, had a panic attack, and lost all feeling in my legs when I walked into the Costumes from the 1930's Mexican Independence day booth.  But luckily, I am doing yoga and meditation so I didn't.  Whew.  
And by the way, I found one a shorter version of one of these skirts that needs a little TLC in another booth for $15.  Score.

I put this find on when I got home.  I am hoping I can wear it when I get to be a "fancy extra" on Enlightened tomorrow, but I am waiting for that special call from wardrobe for my instructions.  (Did you hear my secret agent attitude.  Always.)  Anyway, this dress isn't really vintage.  It was a stowaway at the expo, but it makes me want to say, "Yes, take me to the Tonga Room."  We lived a few blocks from San Francisco's Tonga Room in another fairy tale chapter of our lives.  Go there.  You exit the street and enter a night time tropical paradise, with a band playing on a barge surrounded by a lagoon, happy hour food on skewers, and it RAINS.
Dress by Kimchi in Blue

First, thank you to my friend, Laura for getting me to the expo (texting me during Avengers the day before), and thank you to Rebecca for missing the surprise part of a surprise party to come shopping at the expo so last minute.  Rebeeca comes dressed to do some damage in her beautiful platform shoes, lady-like hat, updated 50's shape skirt, modern neck drapery (What did I just make up?), and... come on!  She had to get these gloves.  She was an accessories girl that day.  Delicate handkerchiefs, suit triangles for her man, sunglasses, and gloves... those gloves.  Ms. "No thank you, I don't need that plastic bag for my vintage treasures" Harrell Tickell is one of my super heroes whose film, "The Big Fix" about the BP oil catastrophe will be released on DVD on June 19th.  Pre-order your dvd now!!!


  1. Both you and Rebecca look beautiful, I love the yellow and blue dress, so cute!


  2. SOOOOO beautiful and inspiring. Thank goodness you do yoga and meditate all the time. Thank goodness. And I cannot BELIEVE that long blue dress. It's been looking for you all of its life.

    1. I totally get that about the dress. It's so relieved now.

  3. That tiki dress is the bomb. Who is that fancy extra? She's the prettiest lady ever, that's all.

  4. Rebecca!!! I'm adding her to my BFFs. She got me back into yoga. She was one of the activists on Enlightened. Basic environmental super hero, but with killer style.

  5. I love people who get people back into yoga.

  6. Yes the yellow and blue dress is killer! Feelin' it! I haven't been to The Tonga Room in over 20 years!!! (I guess that means I'm old!) I want to be a fancy vintage extra with you... xoxo-S!