dresses for spring fun
Hanging out outside the barber shop.
Comme de Garçon vintage dress.

This was really fun. My friend and I had to take photos in the Culver Hotel's bathroom. It had swan faucets! Not a vintage piece, but I love it because it looks like it.
An Original Milly of New York dress.
Holly says, "Diane Von fustenberg dress and Dolce Visa shoes. I am at the MOCA opening of art in Tge streets. Saw Tge dress. Didn't look gray on the hanger. Tried it on and had to have it!" I think this dress adds a lot to the painting's composition, que no?


  1. Cute, cute, cute! I love the ruffles, and The polka dot dress is fab! Is it vintage?!

  2. Shelayna, I hit "publish" by accident before putting in the dress info! Then, I didn't know how to undo. So, now I added it. I love the warmer weather for dresses!

  3. love navy blue, your dress is absolutely beautiful. so are you.