I have always had this vision of rolling racks instead of closets. Finally I moved one from the shed in to the upstairs. It houses my leather coats, boots, and special vintage pieces. - Holly
the church of clothes Or is it the gallery of clothes, or is it the nest of clothes? When your closet is really good, what is it for you? I've heard people joking about nannies who color code children's closets. Uh, is that weird? My fantasy closet is definitely color coded, and yes, I color code my children's t shirt shelves. I mean, they make me happy when I look at them! And I do the same for myself. I love having a moment, and thinking, "Do I feel green today? Red? Blue? Oh, the obvious lack of blue in my wardrobe..." But, I digress into color coding, when I just wanted to talk about closets. Holly had a closet clean out weekend. Lucky. Here are a few snaps: Vintage Chloe stacked heel!
Stack of Missoni, Rosae Nichols and Donna Karan.
Pucci vintage 1975. Fabulous!
Joe Erin boot- very comfortable. Had to have them!
Vintage dress and Lanvin heels!


  1. I'm into the color coding of closets. That's very "Goodwill" you, know! I also want the nude t-straps underneath the vintage Chloe heels! And, those boots rah-ock!!!

    I'm digging the rack Holly!!!

  2. Oh Shelayna, I'm going to have to wear the same outfit again I wore yesterday and document it! The sparkle dark blue mini dress with the brightest green tights finished with black crochet flats. Outfit came from THREE different closets! Thank you for the dress!!!!

  3. Oh I love to take a look into other people's wardrobes! <3