I'm not a shoe person really.  Well, I do LOVE boots, but I don't consider myself a shoe person especially because I have picky feet.  Anyway, aren't these beautiful?  I like to be able to run in my shoes.  Running randomly for fun.  Running in emergencies.  Let's stick with the fun image.  These are made in Namibia

Adding this image to my little shoe gallery was inspired by a walk to the Van's store today to get our youngest some shoes.  His first Van's.  They didn't have these, but I was impressed by the moccasin style selection.  It was pretty cool that my husband and I both have memories of going to the local Van's store in the early 80's and ordering our custom shoes.  Multi-tones of blue, a little hawaiian print here and there.  Ah, the excitement of knowing they might be ready, hopping on the cruiser and going to collect them.

Okay, like I said.  I am not really a shoe person... but I am a dress person!  So all that talk about running made me add some running dresses onto this post.  I couldn't help it.  Just had to sneak them in!  I have no idea who makes the yellow one because it is off a Japanese blog and the link from the dress goes to a website that is all in Japanese.  Oh, but I do covet it.  And the Nike white one is perfect for running away with your groom to your honeymoon.

I can't seem to stop.


  1. love this, I love shoes, well tennis shoes and love van's, remember my son't first pair.

    1. Yeah, Jolene! I think we both spend a lot of time on our feet!